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Couples' Garden

Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu
Senior Pastor

Pastor's Earnest Desire

Our Senior Pastor, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit envisions a community of couples who are fulfilling God’s precise intent for marriage. Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu is keen about raising couples who are adequately trained in handling this divine union.

Pastor once stated, “God formed marriage before He founded any other institution, even the Church.” Thus, marriage is radically pivotal to the advancement of God’s purpose on the earth. 

The desire of God’s Servant is to facilitate, by the Wisdom of God, the emergence of marriages that are totally pleasing unto God, across the earth.

Fun time at the Beach Outing for couples, December 2018

The Couples' Whatsapp Group

Couples’ Garden is a fun-filled, yet, a deep spiritual arena for couples.  At couples’ garden, couples’ things are said just the way they are. No room for shyness! An interesting forum, channeled principally through the Whatsapp group, couples at different stages of marriage receive wisdom for their marital voyage. 

No doubt, Couples’ Garden is a moulding place for successful marriages. 


The annual Couples' outing

Once every year, couples at the NLWC come together for the annual couples’ outing. A unique chance for couples to unwind and strengthen the bond of love and romance, NLWC couples have taken their love course to interesting destinations including the Lekki Leisure Lakeside Beach.  Couples’ Outing is usually a part of the annual Couples’ Retreat. 

Couples' Dinner

On a serene December Night, NLWC Couples gather together for the  yearly Couples’ Dinner. Absolutely inspiring, couples are treated to memorable cuisine,  tranquil ambiance, as well as timeless wisdom for marriage. For couples, the NLWC Couples’ Dinner is indeed a program to attend.

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