How Can I have a Consistent Prayer Life?

It is a good practice to have a particular time of the day you consecrate for prayer. You can have a consistent prayer life if you make out time for it.

Now, it’s important to find a time that is suitable for you.

Some have found that it is better for them to pray early in the morning, long before daybreak and others have found that late in the night before retiring to bed is better for them.

That said, however, prayer is not something that can only be done within a particular time frame. It must be our lifestyle. You should learn to speak to the Lord at any and every time. And that is regardless of what you are doing at whatever time of the day.

Feel free to talk to the Lord on your job, or when you are strolling; when eating, when in class, or when gisting with friends. Don’t forget, God’s ears are always open to listen to you.

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