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Jesus is the embodiment of God’s promises in this present age and that which is to come.  The promises of God in the Old and

Faith comes through the Word. In fact, no one can have real faith without engaging God’s Word. That’s a spiritual law laid down in the

Faith is of great importance in our journey with God.  DOWNLOAD PDF >> The beginning (or milk faith) gives the believer authority over demons, sickness,

What are the three types of faith in the epistles? What is their impact on a believer’s spiritual journey?  Really, to grow into all of

Ever been with some really cute babies? You would love to stay with those adorable souls all day. Right? Surprisingly, with the cuteness babies exude, no

Ever imagined carrying the weight of God’s glory?  At the beginning of the year, the Lord gave His word that 2023 would be a year

1. A Poem; Mother By Mausi Oyebanji Let me tell you a story of a certain creation of GodLet me tell you the tales of

The new church logo has been unveiled. It’s an emblem that depicts our journey as a company of believers. This article reveals the key elements

There are traps to watch out for — as you seek the Spirit’s leading. The Holy Spirit yearns to lead you every single moment. Jesus