Preparing for the Coming Glory: 8 Things to Take to Heart as a Believer 

The coming glory

Ever imagined carrying the weight of God’s glory? 

At the beginning of the year, the Lord gave His word that 2023 would be a year of glory.

But, with the deep perversion around us, is it possible for mortals to bear God’s glory? Can a believer become glorious in this day and age?

Over the centuries and millennia, Satan has been on a mission to sabotage man. He wants to ensure no one attains the height of glory God has prepared for man.  

However, God has determined since ages past to bring man to glory.

And whether Satan likes it or not, the Lord will bring his intention to pass this season.

Preparing for the Coming Glory: 8 Things to Take to Heart as a Believer  Share on X

As we look forward to the manifestation of God’s glory, here are eight things we need to take to heart.

1. God has sworn to unleash His glory

The Lord has sworn that the earth will be filled with His glory (Numbers 14:21). He completed this glory project in our Lord Jesus, and He is determined to accomplish the same in us. 

Therefore, just as we declare the word of God for healing and prosperity, we must hold fast to the promises of glory.

The Lord is coming for a glorious church—one without spot or wrinkle (Ephesians 5:26–27).

Our adversary always seeks to make us lack hunger. He wants us to be lukewarm concerning the promises of God. 

But this year, we must trust God for hunger—hunger for the things of glory.

 2. You need “weight” to handle glory

Glory connotes “weight.” It is the essence of the eternal God.

God’s glory does not rest on flesh (the natural man). 

Why? Flesh cannot contain it. That is why we need to be built up. And this building up can only be achieved through the leading of the Spirit (Rom. 8:14). 

We shouldn’t trivialize the Spirit’s leading at this time at all. Our Lord Jesus became the custodian of God’s glory because he was built up through leading. He, therefore, became qualified to house the eternal weight of glory.

It’s important to note that our journey to being built begins with the milk of the word of God (1 Pet. 2:2). And from milk, we go on to everlasting life, and then glory.

As we continue in our spiritual journey, we must pay attention to the meals the Lord has prepared to enable us bear the coming weight of glory!

3. Beware of the contrary glory

Our enemy, Satan, is not resting. 

He has always prepared his own glory, which has deceived humanity through the ages.

He did this to Adam and Eve, and he has not given up.

We need to combat the negative glory that Satan is propagating. The glory he displays is attractive and alluring, but it is false. It is deception. It is cooked up to lure men into eternal damnation.

Only a heart that has captured the glory of God (the true glory), can discern Satan’s false glory.  Satan dazzles his glory at us so that we will miss the true glory. That is why we must be watchful and discerning. 

Only a heart that has captured the glory of God (the true glory), can discern Satan's false glory.  Share on X

True glory will not rest on flesh or a heart that has not taken hold of Christ. Why? Christ is the “hope” of the glory (Colossians 1:27). 

Satan is aware of this, and he is working assiduously to keep us in the flesh. 

But it’s time to shake off the contrary glory and lay hold of the glory that is enduring and true. 

4. You need glory to survive the times

The earth is no longer the same. Things are changing drastically.

A respected Servant of God once said, “evil spirits that had never visited the earth before are visiting, and therefore the world is experiencing new inventions of iniquity.”

To survive these times, we need an energy that is beyond the present. We need the knowledge from the throne of God to stay pure and untainted as men race towards damnation.

To survive these times, we need an energy that is beyond the present. We need knowledge from the throne of God to stay pure and untainted. Share on X

We need the wisdom of God, the wisdom that is from above, at this time. Jesus escaped the corruption in this world by engaging the wisdom that is from the Father.

The world is migrating to destruction, but as for us, we must race towards glory. There is real danger on the earth; hence, we must look up! 

Our survival in these times is dependent on the thoughts of everlasting life we have captured in our souls. 

Times of deception are coming upon the earth, and we can only escape when we have an understanding of the everlasting glory. 

5. No Cleansing, No Glory!

Only pure hearts can behold the glory of God and receive it.

For this reason, the Lord has promised to cleanse His Church and bring her to a state of purity (Eph 5:26–27). 

We cannot become the glorious church while still harbouring works of the flesh. 

We must be washed so we can be fit for glory. 

This year, we must submit ourselves to the Lord for cleansing so that glory can rest on us.

The doctrine of everlasting life, which God is bringing us, is not for head knowledge. It is meant to reconfigure our way of life and make us pure and fit for glory.

6. You must see it to possess it

If all that consumes our thoughts and imagination is a natural life, then we are of all men the most miserable (1 Corinthians 15:19).

Many are restless these days and are in haste to go after “greener pastures” because they have not discovered true glory. 

We must cry to God for the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened, so we can see the lasting glory and go after it.

True deliverance is having the eyes of our hearts opened to see the glory of God. 

Like the Patriarch Moses, we must cry to see the glory of God (Exodus 33:18). 

We need to race toward glory and desire that the knowledge of the glory of God flood our souls.

We must cry to God for the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened, so we can see the lasting glory and go after it. Share on X

7. You need The Glorious High Priest

Jesus is our High Priest. He epitomizes the glory of God (Hebrews 1:3–4).

If we will experience true glory, then we should be content with the thoughts and sayings of this great High Priest. We can’t afford to be content with anything that is not eternal. 

It is time to attend swiftly to matters of glory because procrastination can be costly. 

We are in a crucial time, and so we can’t afford to waste any more time. 

The Lord instructed the children of Israel when they were to leave Egypt to eat the Passover standing and in haste. 

We require the wisdom of the High Priest to discern and avoid the snares of the adversary. In these perilous times, we need to be led by the Spirit and constantly be in the presence of the Lord.

8. It’s time for Deeper Fellowship

The Lord wants to have greater fellowship with us this year. He desires to draw us closer to Himself. 

However, this is dependent on us. We’d have to seek Him earnestly.

The Lord wants to deck us with His life, but we must trust Him for grace to submit ourselves at His feet. We must trust Him for grace to hunger for more of Him. 

It is also critical to trust Him to identify and desist from things that can dry up our passion for glory.

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These days, we are easily distracted by different things, including mobile phones and social media, but we must not forget that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He can use anything to distract us as God’s people (Jn. 10:10). 

God has found in us a company upon whom He can empty His life; hence, we must make ourselves available to receive Him. 

We may not have another year like this one. Therefore, grace is being made available for us to seek His glory without delay. 


Now, we have discovered eight important things that we must take to heart as we prepare for the coming glory.

Indeed, the Lord has chosen to glorify us, and we will come into glory! The Lord has promised to beautify His people! 

He wants to enrich us with His glory; thus, we must cry to Him to rid our souls of every nature that separates us from that glory.

If we do not see the need for deliverance, a solution will not come. Thus, our prayers shouldn’t be just about natural needs, but heartfelt cries for the eternal weight of glory.

Nothing is impossible with God.

He is bringing us to realms of all possibilities. He will bring every word He has spoken to pass. 

The glory realm is possible! 

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