9 Questions to Ask Yourself If Your Faith Isn’t Getting Results!

Have you tried everything you can, and your faith simply crashed like a pack of cards?

Are you believing God for healing, provision, and some breakthroughs but hitting a brick wall?

If your faith is not getting results, it’s not time to give up!

Perhaps you’ve read faith books, prayed intensely, listened to many messages about faith, and even cried out hard to God.

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But you have to realize that result-producing faith won’t come without opposition.

Faith in itself is warfare. The Apostle Paul admonished Timothy to fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12).

Result-producing faith won’t come without opposition. You have to fight the good fight of faith! Share on X

As a child of God, you have the right to stand upon the finished work of Christ and receive healing for your body. Supernatural provisions are also yours through Christ.

Nonetheless, your faith will only become effective when you abide by the principles of faith.

In this article, you will discover nine questions you need to ask yourself if your faith is not working.

Let’s jump right in.

Question #1: Am I Engaging the Truth?

When you lack adequate knowledge of the truth—concerning your redemptive rights in Christ—your faith will be hindered.

Your faith cannot produce results beyond your knowledge of God’s word.

Scanty knowledge of the Word keeps souls in bondage. Ignorance is a killer every believer must run from. The Bible in Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

People keep on struggling when it comes to prayer and faith because they don’t actually believe what the Word says.


In reality, your faith will only grow in direct proportion to your Word level. If your faith is not growing, then your understanding of the Word is not growing.

It’s that absolute.

So, you need to settle down with the Word and trust God to receive a concrete revelation of your identity in Christ.

You must begin to see yourself as a new creation, having a right standing with God.

You need to settle down with the Word and receive a concrete revelation of your identity in Christ. Share on X

You must also realize that your place in Christ affords you healing, deliverance, prosperity and protection.

Moreover, you need deep understanding regarding your right to use the name of Jesus. You need to get soaked in the Word!

Ignorance of God’s Word is a faith destroyer. Don’t give it a chance in your life.

Question #2: Is my love walk intact?

All the promises of God have got specific conditions.

These conditions are wrapped around obedience to God’s commands. And, remember: His commands are summed up in love.

Love is the fulfilment of the law (Rom 13:8). Your faith will be handicapped whenever you violate the law of love. Why? Perfect love is God’s nature. God is love!

That said, love is the fuel that powers the vehicle of faith. In fact, no matter the height of faith you’ve attained you will be hindered if you fail to walk in love.

Faith won't yield results when you fail to walk in love. Share on X

So, if you desire to see your faith produce bountiful results, you need to step up your love walk. You must trust God to walk according to the principles of love revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8.

Without love, your faith life will be massively inhibited. And, you don’t want that happening to you!

Question #3: Have I overcome unforgiveness?

Unforgiveness implies holding tightly to the venom of offence and hurt. It is a weapon of the enemy to make your faith ineffectual.

As a child of God, you can’t justify unforgiveness — for any reason.


God forgave you. He never held your trespasses against you even when you were deep in sin. He pardoned you and still does whenever you fall short of His standards (2 Cor 5:19, 1 John 1:9).

Now having received mercy, you owe every man love. And that’s irrespective of what was done to you.

As a child of God, you have no right to hold anyone in grudge or unforgiveness. Share on X

Your love will have to be expressed many times through forgiveness (Eph.4:32, Col.2:13). There would be no true love without the attitude of unconditional love and forgiveness towards whoever has wronged you.

Unforgiveness is without a doubt a great hindrance to prayers. So, you need to trust God for a heart that forgives and forgets (Isaiah 43:25).

Unforgiveness is a tool of the enemy to destabilize your faith. Don’t give in to it.

Question #4: Am I walking in disobedience?

No matter how strong your faith is, disobedience can collapse it right before your eyes.

Deuteronomy 28:1 reveals the condition for the healing of our body—and that hinges principally on obedience.

Obedience to God’s Word—His commandments—is the foundation for effectual faith.

Abraham obeyed. And that was His ticket to a strong and enduring faith life.

Obedience to God’s Word is the foundation for effectual faith. Share on X

In the Bible, some Corinthian Christians took ill and some died because they disobeyed the Lord in discerning His body. Many of the children of Israel also perished in the Wilderness because of disobedience.

God’s plan was to bring them into a land flowing with milk and honey (The Promised Land), yet disobedience erected a wall of partition between them and God. They couldn’t fulfil their God-given destiny.

Sin (disobedience) will rob you of a potent faith life. Hence, ensure to obey the Lord always as you keep on building your faith.

Question #5: Am I fulfilling the law of sowing and reaping?  

God wants you to prosper financially and all round. That’s so clear in His Word.

Prosperity is yours. But…the promises and covenant of prosperity also have their conditions.

One of the most profound conditions you’ll have to fulfil to experience divine prosperity is the law of sowing and reaping.

Practically, anyone who doesn’t sow will hinder the law of prosperity. Like seeds germinate and bring forth more seeds, giving propels abundance.

Like seeds germinate and bring forth more seeds, giving propels abundance. Share on X

That is well-defined in God’s Word. The law of sowing and reaping still stands. Gal 6:7.

For this reason, your faith for provision will most likely not yield bountifully if you ignore the timeless law of sowing and reaping.

Question #6: Am I believing according to my measure of grace?

Think of a 7-year-old requesting $1,000,000 as his weekly pocket money. It just can’t work.

Similarly, many believers are asking much more than their faith can carry. They aren’t believing right!

There’s a measure of grace available to you according to your spiritual growth level. (Romans 12:3).
And, as such, you would be breaching divine principle if you shoot beyond your measure of grace.

This error is more prominent when people are believing God for financial provision.

In actual fact, if you’ve never believed God for $10, you’ll be wrong to jump to believing for $100,000 overnight.

Always keep in mind that believing beyond your spiritual growth level will encumber your faith. You need to discern where you are in your walk with God, act in faith accordingly and keep growing!

If you’ve never believed God for $10, you’ll be wrong to jump to believing for $100,000 overnight. Share on X

Question #7: Have I defeated guilt and condemnation?

When you are in guilt or condemnation, you’ll approach God’s presence with a deep sense of unworthiness and unholy fear that places the heart in a state of unbelief.

Faith cannot yield results in such a heart environment.

When you confess your sin and repent wholeheartedly before God, He does three things:

  • He forgives you completely;
  • He cleanses you from all unrighteousness;
  • He makes you righteous again.

With these done for you, by grace, there’s no reason to wallow in guilt and condemnation any more.

Note that the enemy is a deceiver. Never give in to his attack to keep you in perpetual defeat through condemnation and guilt.

Question #8: Have I dispelled doubt and unbelief?  

Doubt and unbelief are faith’s greatest opponents. They would subtly hinder you from receiving God’s best.

Jesus had much to say about doubt and unbelief and how it ravages faith.

In fact, He could not heal many who were sick in His hometown simply because of unbelief (Matt 13:57-58).

For this reason, you need to always ensure an atmosphere of faith around you—so that your faith can thrive. Unbelief or doubt would cast restrain on how far God can go in your life.

During Jesus’s earthly life, He sometimes isolates the sick from the crowd to heal them because of the crowd’s unbelief (Mark 7:32-33).

When you accommodate wrong thoughts, which results in unbelief, you strangulating your faith. That is why staying your heart and mind on God’s Word is imperative for your faith to trigger results. Mark 5:22-23, 35-41.

Never allow doubt or unbelief—this twin will stall your faith.

Question #9: Am I guarding against evil reports?

Evil reports are the seeds of unbelief; and unbelief dampens faith, keeping it from getting results.

When you start considering the mountain before you or listening to your physical senses, you’ll be overwhelmed with evil reports.

The senses are the gateway through which evil report filters into the heart.

Can you remember the 12 spies sent to check the Promised Land?

They saw the land but ended up paralyzing the faith of the Israelites with their evil report.

For this reason, the Israelites perished in the wilderness. And out of the many that left Egypt, only two—Joshua and Caleb—who had a different spirit made it to the Promised Land.Num 13:25-33.

When you start considering the mountain before you or listening to your physical senses, you’ll be overwhelmed with evil reports. Share on X

Also, the woman with the issue of blood had enough medical reports concerning her health status.  She had been told that her disease is incurable having gone to different physicians. Yet, she refused to believe those reports. She finally received her healing through faith. Luke 8:43-48.

Anything that contradicts God’s Word concerning you is an evil report. And that information is the devil’s ploy to keep you from the promised land of God’s promises.

Evil reports will stifle your faith from producing fruits. So, make sure you develop yourself to be strong in God’s Truth so that you can reject evil reports barraging your heart.

Final Word

Now … these are the key factors you need to check to bring your faith to working mode. Remember: God wants your faith to work because faith pleases Him.

Furthermore, you need to trust the Holy Spirit to reveal anything you’re omitting on your faith journey. There could be something else you need to start doing right away!

Don’t forget that laying hold on strong faith is warfare. It’s a battle against unbelief, doubt, guilt, condemnation, ignorance, evil reports, unforgiveness, and more.

Faith is a battle against unbelief, doubt, guilt, condemnation, ignorance, evil reports, unforgiveness and more. Share on X

But we have the promise of victory. We are more than conquerors through Christ. Therefore, your victory is sure if you don’t give up the good fight of faith!

Are there ways you’ve overcome hindrances to faith in your Christian walk? Kindly share in the comments below.

Also, remember to share with others!

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