Heart Preparation for Receiving the Economy of God

I believe one of the things the Lord will have me do today is to prepare us as an assembly for believers’ convention, even as regards to the prophecy which came this morning which spoke about the economy of the church. What makes a particular assembly is the season over that assembly.

The whole plan of God is to bring the churches of God unto a single allocation which is “eternal Life”. However, not all churches are at the same place. Assemblies differ from each other and the Lord allows it so in the course of journey. One of the simple reasons is that we all did not give our lives to Christ at the same point in time.

The Lord in His sovereignty brings a season or an emphasis upon a particular assembly – each one having its spiritual realm (e.g. The church in Ephesus (Rev 2:1). This spiritual realm also has spirits which work against that church.

These spirits are beings that are technocrats – who plan out the life of the citizens, setting out in motion, policies and machinery to implement these policies. As long as you are under that administration, your life will be affected by these policies. Technocrats in the physical are inspired by higher technocrats in the realm of the spirit.

There are also technocrats of the Kingdom. These technocrats are priests. The five-fold ministry ought to be the technocrats of God’s Kingdom. Priests have levels of consecration, such as Levi who was crafted by the law of truth (Malachi 2:6).

It is possible to be a  minister in the five-fold and not have come into priesthood. You cannot come into being a technocrat of the civilization of life (Christ) without the covenant of life being made with you (Malachi 2:5). In like manner, you are not yet a Levi until the covenant of Life has been made with you.

After Levi are higher cadres of Priesthood up until the High Priest. One who has not yet made that covenant of life will still produce that which is carnal. The consecration of Levi is to deny a Life which is in himself (Deut 33:9).

This denial isn’t instant but it is progressive. Every child of God is called to become a priest as this allocation isn’t reserved only for the five-fold. (Isa 61:6). A five-fold minister is called to become a priest because until he becomes one, the people to whom he speaks will not attain unto that which God has called them unto.

Malachi 2:5-6

5 “My covenant was with him, a covenant of life and peace, and I gave them to him; this called for reverence and he revered me and stood in awe of my name. 6 True instruction was in his mouth and nothing false was found on his lips. He walked with me in peace and uprightness, and turned many from sin.

Levi was not just a preacher, he was also a walker, he walked in that which he preached as Jesus did (Acts 1:1). Many times, heaven subjects us in certain situations so as to make us obey. (Phil 2:13). This scripture is not saying God will make us do certain things, but He works inside us.

When we hear His word, light and understanding is given to us, and the Holy Ghost begins to arrange around us situations which will make that which you have heard to become translated into life.

The understanding attained after hearing makes us willing. However, willingness on our part is not sufficient (Romans 7:15). Many times we intend to do a certain thing but we find ourselves doing otherwise. God arranges us to ensure we obey.

Understanding makes us willing, making us rejoice at the hearing of the word, then the Holy Ghost brings you to a situation where you are arranged to obey that which you have heard and translate it into Life. There are things you will not do unless you are placed in a condition which is not convenient for your flesh. This arrangement brings about death working in you.

Levi must be worked upon in order for many to be worked upon also; he must be turned from iniquity before he can turn many from iniquity. Levi is the first level of priesthood. We have Aaron also who is a priest in the sanctuary. The consecration of Aaron is higher than levi.

Moses (who was not counted a priest after the Aaronic order as He was showing the signs of the Melchizedek priesthood, being one of the olive trees), consecrated Aaron. Moses was higher than the Aaronic priesthood.

A priest is prepared or clothed with atmospheres. These atmospheres are in charge of the economy. If a priest is not prepared, an economy cannot come. A priest’s clothing is for glory and for beauty (Exodus 28:2).  When the priest is clothed with Salvation, the people will shout because their redemption has arrived (Psalm 132:16). Spirits will war against the church but our victory is in the clothing of the priest.

Manna is required to overcome the terrain which you are in the course of your journey. Manna is for us to journey, but there is a manna in the journey. Manna is the corn of heaven. When we receive the manna that is given, we receive the heavens also.  

We receive the manna of principalities, of dominions and that of seraphims. However, there is the hidden manna in the ark which is the manna of the morning star. You cannot receive the morning star until you eat this manna. Economy being changed is manna being changed, for manna to change, the priest has to be clothed.

Churches differ from each other. There is a church in the wilderness. God brings an economy depending on how the priest has been raised or what the priest is putting on. Doctrines are clothes. (Zech 3:4). Joshua was given another garment. Garments are doctrine!

The doctrine the priest has been clothed with will tell the economy upon the church. The church in the wilderness was under an economy. The Epistle Churches are churches in the wilderness. The outer court is part of the wilderness. Outer court is in Christ. In Christ, we also journey.

The garment of the priest is the economy upon the people. As he teaches and people are fed, it affects their atmosphere. The atmosphere you carry is according to what you are hearing (feeding upon). When we gather, we generate a cloud. When one who does not have this atmosphere comes in, he has to wait to be fed in order to partake of that atmosphere.

(Heb 5:8-9) reveals the partaking of the sufferings of Christ which brings the glory which was to follow. Suffering is leading, being led contrary to where you want to go to (John 21:18). When you are being led subjectively, we must relax and allow it, as we are being held by someone who will never let us fall, as his everlasting arms are beneath him (Deut 33:27).

In leading, the process which sin has worked in us is being reversed, thus, we are led to become more child-like until we enter the womb to be born and caught up to the heavens. One who is not being converted when being led by the spirit of God will often question every leading, after a while this turns to a rebellion against the leading.

In being rebellious, a young child would always ask why he is not being understood, but He who is leading him has passed through that path and understands that it is an age of folly.

Jesus was driven by the Holy Ghost into the wilderness, He knew that which was written of Him by the spirit upon Him. He did everything by the spirit. You can never deal with the issues of man using calculations of the mind.

One can enter into leading not knowing it, but with time it becomes apparent that you are being led. Most times, in such situations, we often try to find an escape route, we eventually find none and after exhausting all options, then, we finally look up to God.

Journeying through the epistles and getting to the book of Hebrews, we begin to see another church. These books are arranged as such for our understanding. The first epistles also contain strong meat, this becomes apparent after we have journeyed and then we revisit the earlier epistles.

The church of the book of Hebrews, Peter, James had come into fervent charity (Heb 13:1). Fervent charity is the milk of everlasting Life. It is in the borders of everlasting Life.

The church in the book of Hebrews had come to mount zion (Heb 12:22). A church is a potential city, in the book of revelations we see that the churches had been transformed into a city.  Cities begin with candle stick churches. (Matt 5:14) – When the church becomes a star, it is a city. The city is a candle.

This city is a civilization, it is a state in the spirit. In the wilderness, the church is not yet a city, nothing can be built in the wilderness. When the church arrives in the promised land, then a city can be built. (Psalm 48:2).

The churches that had become stars had partaken of resurrection. (John 11:25) –  Life here is everlasting Life and not Christ. Jesus declared that He was the resurrection and the Life even before he died physically.

The stars gave the candlesticks light, and they are the priests of the church. God wants us to become another kind of church. We should go to believers’ convention with the mind of having come under a new economy, expecting to hear everlasting life, and not with the mind of the wilderness.

We can not become this city without being in the company of angels (Heb 12:22). Angels have been congregating in their church ages before man. We should not be ignorant regarding angels, many are at home with doctrines of demons but are not open to the activity of angels.

When we are walking with God, demons do not have access to open or close doors before us, rather, we have angels on assignment. What they are working out is to bring us to the place of doing the will of God, so that we can come to the place of abiding.

There is the church of the Firstborn, this church has attained heaven in their soul. We also have churches which are on the earth but are not earthly. The church with heaven written in their soul has come to God (Heb 12:23), and to just men made perfect (which is also a type of church).

Each of the seven churches in the book of Revelations received a revelation of the person of the Lord which was to help them overcome.

A clarion call has been made to those who are to ascend in this season and we have been given the privilege to hear that call to enable us to ascend by changing church. We change the placement of the church in the spirit as we are changing by what we are hearing.

Our Lord had seven stars in His right hand, He being at the right hand of God. The church in Ephesus was required to walk in order to come to the right hand.

Each church was configured to overcome spirits in the air. Spirits gave identities to inhabitants of cities. Spirits configure the air and give behavioural identities to men. Ephesus wasn’t just in the bible, there is an allocation of Ephesus which is still upon men.

Ephesus, Corinth, Thyatira, Philadelphia etc are locations in the spirit, we journey to these locations in the spirit and we must overcome the spirits which have subjected men in those locations.

The woman called Jezebel is a doctrine (not a woman in the church), this doctrine seduces (Rev 2:18-20). Eyes as flames of fire is an eye which has been given judgement. The feet of brass are the feet of the everlasting gospel.

An elevated walk in the spirit is required to be able to judge the spirit which peddles the doctrine of Jezebel. As a church is ascending, it meets heights which are governed by spirits, these spirits wrestle with churches to bring them down.

Each height attained results in a formation which will be able to evade or overcome the spirits which fight the churches that come to those heights. To overcome these spirits, a revelation is needed.

We will receive a revelation during Believers’ convention, we should not let distractions take us over, we should desire to hear what the spirit is saying to the churches when the speaker is speaking. When we overcome a spirit in a particular location, our economy is changed and we become another church.

A lot can be achieved in seven days of convention. Seven thousand years of change will be downloaded unto us (2 Peter 3:8). Amen!

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